Artistic photography can be described as visual story-telling. At AquaBlue Images, William Leslie creates extraordinary images from the perspective of an artist, capturing the very soul of the moment. Artistic photography is much more than just a properly composed picture. William Leslie is part of a growing trend in photography that brings a high level of creative expression to the age-old craft of photography. The artistic methods of light, color, shadow and scale are applied to his photography, transforming the images into dramatic works of art. This is one of the many advantages of working with a Photographer who is also an Artist. William Leslie specializes in candid, journalistic-style photography. Using this method, subjects are often photographed in the moments when they are unaware that their picture is being taken. There are few photographers who are truly adept at this. William Leslie captures the tender beauty from stolen moments in time, providing you with images that you will be thrilled to frame and display. An important component of his artistic photography includes the use of digitally-enhanced design to add elements that make his photographs unique. William Leslie continues to surpass the limits of creative design and innovation in photography. The blending of photography with fine art and technology is what gives William's work it’s unique edge. Technological advances in photography and graphic design have opened limitless avenues that allow for the maximization of creativity in every project. As you will see as you view the galleries, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating photographic works of art.